Try a group Barre class with a friend at Victoria Rose Pilates

Barre In Studio

Tuesday’s at Avian Dance Studios, Norwich

Barre classes are a fun way to challenge your entire body. Using a mixture of ballet and Pilates exercises it targets your glutes, thighs and core, ensuring you get a full-body workout with each session. It is the perfect way to sculpt your body using low impact, high-intensity exercises focusing on your posture and alignment with each exercise, you will be sure to feel taller and stronger in no time!

Our in studio sessions will be fun, powerful and progressive. Having a teacher on hand to guide you and teach you the correct technique is the perfect way to enjoy the Barre workout!

Classes run in blocks of 6 to 7 consecutive weeks, see below for your next start date. 

Join us for the full block of classes or drop in with PAYG.

£54  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

£63  |  7 WEEK BLOCK

£11  |  PAYG

Click ‘book a class’ above for availability and to book.


Start Dates:


7th September – 19th October  |  7 WEEK BLOCK

2nd November – 14th December  |  7 WEEK BLOCK


4th January – 8th February  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

22nd February – 29th March  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

12th April – 24th May  |  7 WEEK BLOCK

7th June – 12th July  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

26th July – 30th August  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

13th September – 18th October  |  6 WEEK BLOCK

1st November – 13th December  |  7 WEEK BLOCK