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The Main Reasons to Practice Pilates

In our ever increasingly fast-paced world, we all need a little time to ourselves, to step away from the ‘to do’ lists and leave our racing thoughts behind. Pilates is the perfect method for this, allowing you to connect your mind and body bringing focus to your movement and allowing you to reconnect with a peaceful centre. Pilates is an exercise that can be practised by anybody, whether you are looking to improve your strength and tone or simply become more supple and move more freely. The method works with the breath to allow for controlled movement, bringing increased awareness to your body and its capabilities. Pilates helps to bring focus to your mind whilst also challenging your joints and muscles.

A total body workout.

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Group class prices may vary depending on location. Pre-booking is essential for all classes please visit our schedule for dates and times.
Group Classes From £9 Per person
2:1 Classes £20 Per person
1:1 Private Class £40 Per person
Private Classes at Victoria Rose Pilates

I’ve just started classes with Victoria and I’m loving them! I’m a complete beginner but Victoria is a fantastic teacher, really knowledgable and supportive. I can’t wait to track my improvements! Also love that her classes are in great venues around Norwich which are easy to get to.

Holly Noon

Amazing classes! I’ve been attending Pilates classes for a while and had my first Barre class this week with Victoria Rose Pilates and really enjoyed it.

A great workout and atmosphere! Vickie is lovely and really knows her stuff!

Charlotte Phelan

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Victoria. She is really knowledgeable and a great motivator. I feel a lot taller and stronger since I started and I have started to notice more muscle tone too. I would recommend Victoria for Pilates. She is a fantastic teacher.

Laura Cooper