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The Main Reasons to Practice Pilates

In our ever increasingly fast-paced world, we all need a little time to ourselves, to step away from the ‘to do’ lists and leave our racing thoughts behind. Pilates is the perfect method for this, allowing you to connect your mind and body bringing focus to your movement and allowing you to reconnect with a peaceful centre. Pilates is an exercise that can be practised by anybody, whether you are looking to improve your strength and tone or simply become more supple and move more freely. The method works with the breath to allow for controlled movement, bringing increased awareness to your body and its capabilities. Pilates helps to bring focus to your mind whilst also challenging your joints and muscles.

A total body workout.

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Group class prices may vary depending on location. Pre-booking is essential for all classes please visit our schedule for dates and times.
Group Classes From £6 (online) £9 (studio)per person
2:1 Classes £15 (online) £20 (studio) per person
1:1 Private Class £30 (online) £40 (studio) per person
Private Classes at Victoria Rose Pilates
I took up Pilates in lockdown, it’s something I have been meaning to do for a long time but hey life gets busy, so there was no better time than lockdown. I found Victoria and it’s been a life changer for me. I’ve suffered with Hip and lower back pain since having Alex and the Pilates has helped with that massively. Victoria is a wonderful teacher, so good at explaining and getting you doing it correctly. I’ve really noticed a change in my body and I feel so much better. So if you’ve ever thought about giving it a try then I highly recommend Victoria Rose.


Victoria’s matwork class was the perfect introduction to Pilates for me; a friendly atmosphere which made me feel so relaxed as a complete beginner.
Victoria takes so much care to coach that it’s easy to feel improvements every week and she has an excellent way of articulating the movements so they just make sense!
For me, the barre classes are an ideal mix of matwork and controlled ballet exercises – the upbeat playlist is essential to help power through the burn


I have been enjoying Pilates for several years and since the lockdown have been joining sessions on-line with Victoria. As a 74 yr. old with rheumatoid arthritis I have to say these sessions have proved more than beneficial. The sessions have focused on different physical areas and combined with the exercises have proved an excellent opportunity for me to pursue Pilates. Victoria is a more than competent instructor and I look forward to more sessions under her guidance.


Victoria is a great teacher; very calm, supportive and informative. I enjoy the beginner pilates class and recently started release which is a great chance to unwind and relax. Classes online have been a saviour during lockdown. Really enjoyed the classes in the studio and they were easy to get to in the city centre.


Victoria’s amazing Release class was just what I needed after a long week.

Working at my desk builds a lot of back and shoulder pain but Victoria’s class really helped stretch my body and release that unwanted tension.

Finishing the class with time for reflection was also brilliant for relieving that built up stress.

I couldn’t recommend Victoria’s Classes enough.


I often attend Victoria’s Pilates and Barre classes. She’s a very informative instructor and helps you to understand what your body is doing. Her classes are very accessible for beginners with options for more experienced people. Her classes are always fun, she’s a positive teacher who pushes you just the right amount. I particularly love the Barres class as that’s my personal preference for strengthening and toning.

Highly recommend Victoria and her classes she’s a lovely, supportive and knowledgeable instructor!


Victoria’s classes are my weekly calming fix. Both Barre and Pilates are excellent and I highly recommend them both. Clear, calm and encouraging, Victoria is a fab teacher, and has been a lockdown gem, continuing teaching online throughout helping me keep supple and sane!


Until lockdown I had never attended a Pilates class with Victoria although I have practiced Pilates elsewhere. I wasn’t sure at first how the classes would equate to being online but Victoria does (unfortunately) have the ability to spot my mistakes and with her calming voice, she makes me feel that although I am exercising, I am also relaxing and stretching and at the end I really do feel 2 inches taller. I do hope Victoria continues her online classes for those of us who cannot attend a studio as I feel this has been a major breakthrough for me, helping with my overall fitness and sense of well-being


I’ve just started classes with Victoria and I’m loving them! I’m a complete beginner but Victoria is a fantastic teacher, really knowledgable and supportive. I can’t wait to track my improvements! Also love that her classes are in great venues around Norwich which are easy to get to.


Amazing classes! I’ve been attending Pilates classes for a while and had my first Barre class this week with Victoria Rose Pilates and really enjoyed it.

A great workout and atmosphere! Vickie is lovely and really knows her stuff!


I have really enjoyed my sessions with Victoria. She is really knowledgeable and a great motivator. I feel a lot taller and stronger since I started and I have started to notice more muscle tone too. I would recommend Victoria for Pilates. She is a fantastic teacher.