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Victoria Rose Pilates provides classes in and around Norwich, working with small numbers of clients to ensure quality hands-on teaching.

Private Classes at Victoria Rose Pilates

I work with the Pilates method to help you improve your alignment, movement and breathing.

You will learn how to bring your attention to your body focusing on how you are moving, gain an understanding of correct posture and achieve strong controlled movement.

I have a passion for understanding the body, having danced my whole life I find it incredible understanding the capabilities the body can achieve when the mind connects and works in harmony, creating elegant and controlled movement. With the help of the Pilates method, I aim to pass on my knowledge and understanding to you, helping you gain a better understanding of your own body and the capabilities that it brings.

I will work with you to achieve your personal goals, taking time to discuss what you aim to achieve in your practice of the method. Whether that is to gain better posture, become stronger with your movement or simply to relieve stress and reconnect.

Pilates is an exercise for all and I would love to see you in one of my classes soon.

Take a look at the class timetable here and if you have any questions then feel free to get in touch. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Victoria Ragan Bio
Pilates Teacher

Victoria Ragan


I completed my level 3 Matwork Pilates teacher qualification with Body Control Pilates in London. I first came across the Pilates method in 2012 whilst I was working on a seasonal contract as a dancer, and simply fell in love with the movement. Having previously trained as a dancer with Tiffany Theatre College, Pilates seemed the perfect transition after retiring from contract work. I found it a great way to unwind and keep my body strong and supple, and it was the perfect partner to my dance training and lifestyle.

My passion lies in understanding how the movement of the body can achieve a positive mind and body connection. Since practising Pilates I have gained a skilled connection and mindfulness through the method and hope to share this will all my clients. I believe that we should all maintain a level of movement in our daily lives to ensure a healthy balanced mind and body.

From my background as a dancer, I have a great understanding of how the body can move and have found that my training of the Pilates method has helped to deepen that knowledge and really highlight the capabilities of the body and what it can achieve. I aim to pass this knowledge onto all my clients to give them the tools to apply the method in their everyday lives, not just when in class!

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.

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